Space Giants Goldar Silvar Gam and Rodak

Your Favorite Hard To Find Space Giants Information & Pictures Featuring the family of Space Rockets-Goldar, Gam, Silvar and Rodak - SORRY - EPISODES ARE NOT FOR SALE - TRADE ONLY - please email me for trading options.

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  1. Space Giants Episodes 1-4
  2. Space Giants Vol. 2 Episodes 5-8 GD+ VG- 1:35 English Dubbed (Birdaurus-Terror of the Sky, Battle of the Flying Beast, The Victorious Creature, The Winged Horror)
  3. Space Giants Vol. 3 Episodes 9-12 GD+ VG-1:35 English Dubbed (The Terrifying Lugo-Men, Zandosis Strikes, Clash of the Mammoth Creatures, The Trap)
  4. Space Giants Vol. 4 Episodes 13-16 GD+VG- 1:35 English Dubbed (The Super Heat Creature, Taron, Terror from Outer Space, Battle of the Titans)
  5. Space Giants Vol. 5 Episodes 17-20 GD+VG- 1:35 English Dubbed (Ranaultis Attacks, The Terror Monster, The Deadly Drox, The Clash)
  6. Space Giants Vol. 6 Episodes 21-24 GD+ VG-1:35 English Dubbed (Challenge of the Great Noronda, The Rampaging Terror, The Wild Creature, Battle of the Behemoths, Invaders from a Far Planet)
  7. Space Giants Vol. 7 Episodes 25-28 GD+ VG-1:35 English Dubbed (Invaders from a Far Planet, A Surprise Visitor, Gor Against Earth, Vacuma’s Showdown)
  8. Space Giants Vol. 8 Episodes 29-32 GD+ VG- 1:35 English Dubbed ( The City Smasher, Terror from East to West, Gorda, The Big Shock)
  9. Space Giants Vol. 9 Episodes 33-36 GD+ VG- 1:35 English Dubbed (The Mini-Beings, Attack of the Plants, A Trap for Goldar, The Insects)
  10. Space Giants Vol. 10 Episodes 37-40 VG- GD+ 1:35 English Dubbed (The Curse of Horonda, Explosion, Instant Disaster, The Clutch of Klaw )
  11. Space Giants Vol. 11 Episodes 41-44 VG-GD+ 1:35 English Dubbed (The Shock of Gahna, The Plunge, Magno’s Strangest Weapon, The Four Million Volt Shock)
  12. Space Giants Vol. 12 Episodes 45-48 GD+ VG- 1:35 English Dubbed (The Fantastic Gonda, The Final Crush, Lodi’s Big Move, Hammer-Blow)
  13. Space Giants Vol. 13 Episodes 49-52 GD+ VG- 1:35 English Dubbed (Last 4 Episodes Rada’s Invasion, Fury In Space, The Mightiest Creature of All, Showdown-the last ep. features the final battle between Rodak & Goldar)
  14. Space Giants Image 1-Tom Mura and Miko

    Space Giants Image 2-Goldar looks for trouble

    Space Giants Image 3-GOLDAR

    Space Giants Image 4-Cave Scene

    Space Giants Image 5-Silvar

    Space Giant Image 6-Goldar again

    Space Giants Image 7-Mathusem

    Space Giants Image 8-Goldar in the cave

    Space Giants Image 9-Rodak Ship

    Space Giants Image 10-Rodak Face

    Space Giants Image 11-Rodak pointing

    Space Giants Image 12-Mathusem

    Space Giants Image 13-Goldar with reddish background

    Space Giants Image 14-Gam and Silvar

    Space Giants Image 15

    Space Giants Image 16-Goldar looks down

    Space Giants Image 17-Goldar with Gam in background

    Space Giants Image 18-Rocket Form Goldar

    Space Giants Image 19-Gam Rocket Form

    Space Giants Image 20-Goldar Giving a Lesson

    Space Giants Image 21-FIGHT

    Space Giants Image 22-Tom Mura takes a picture while Gam and Miko look on

    Space Giants Image 23-Rodak

    Space Giants Image 24-Goldar Fires

    Space Giants Image 25-Gam the Rocket

    Space Giants Image 26-Goldar

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    If you are looking for a complete episode guide with detailed info try this site

    The Space Giants episodes I have are COMPOSITE prints.

    This means they are taken from 2 sources and "spliced" together. The video is from the UNCUT japanese laser disc box set and the dialogue is from the original English language that was broadcast here in the states.

    The episodes that were broadcast in the states were usually cut up versions of the original and instead of being 23 minutes were shortened to 20. ALSO some original Japanese episodes were cut dramatically and 2 Japanese episodes were combined to make just 1 US broadcast episode

    I have the COMPLETE series of 52 episodes. They often have Japanese dialogue and in fact a few episodes were never broadcast in English so the entire episode will be in Japanese-this is only on 1 episode.

    The real reason everyone wants to see these episodes is the FIGHTING....The fight scenes are complete UNCUT and you can see the video quality in some of the above pictures-those pix are direct video captures from my tapes

    If you have other questions or if the above info is too confusing just ignore it and know that if you order-you will be getting some episodes of Space Giants

    DO NOT EXPECT HI FI STEREO RECORDINGS from anyone dealing in unofficial releases. If you are able to locate an unofficial release in stereo, consider yourself lucky. However, my prints are processed through an enhancer which DOES simulate stereo (meaning both channels will be playing)


    All tapes are Maxell, Fuji, or TDK. Tapes are recorded on 4-head HI-FI decks at SP for best quality. Due to customer confusion and my lack of explaining properly-we can no longer combine different items on one tape...sorry

    I am also VERY open to trading. If you have anything you think I might be interested in trading feel free to offer. I am interested in just about any Japanese videos I don't already have. I am also interested in TOYS! From GI Joe to Star Wars-old or new. I am also way into old (pre-1965) comic books and old movie posters

    I am NOT an expert on cartoon history. If names, dates, etc. are wrong let me know so I can change it.

    Grading System: EXC=Excellent print;Laser disc quality;cable TV quality; NO FLAWS VG=Very Good;Minor problems;look like 1st or 2nd generation copies of EXC prints GD=Good; Noticeable flaws here & there; still very watchable; typical boot quality; most foreign import prints look like this due to PAL transfer; skin starts to bleach out; reds bleed; sound begins to deteriorate FR=Fair; looks like you made a copy of your favorite boot for a friend w/out an enhancer; color prints start to lose color sound may be muffled or garbled PR=Poor; Stay away from this UNLESS you are a completist; barely watchable If there is a + or - after the grading-it means the quality is a little better or a little worse than the grade listed....

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