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Hard-to-find videos, toys, movie poster reproductions and miscellaneous bizarreness... Kimba, Isis, Space Giants, Gaiking, Mazinger Z, Spiderman, Dungeons and Dragons... and so much more!  
Welcome to Cool Stuff! Thanks to everyone who has supported us here on the web for the past 7 years. And a bigger thanks to all those who have been loyal customers for the past 12 years- before the web site!
Cool Stuff hopes to keep on finding all those lost shows for you for years to come.
E-Mail if you have questions that need to be answered while I am in Japan or away from home. If you are checking this page out for the first time-please email me and let me know how you found the site... any info would be appreciated.

Thanx to all our customers who supported us through all the medical emergencies last year!

Thanks to everyone who helped us in 2006. We will be at the San Diego Comic Con this year and the Godzilla Convention


3 DVDs for $45 or 3 VHS for $45

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